2010 Black Friday Deals: Latest Best Buy Black Friday Ads

Black Friday is just a day away from today and most of the stores are already giving their products in a very low price. One of them are Best Buy and their Black Friday Deals. The Best Buy Store are now releasing several Black Friday Ads for us to enjoy and seek for our Black Friday List of shopping items. This is the best way to celebrate Thanks Giving with all the shopping items all at our hands and all are bought in an affordable Black Friday Discount.

Best Buy released its Black Friday Ads tagged as Black Friday doorbusters. The biggest part of this Black Friday special discounts is with regards to electronics as Best Buy will be bringing down the price of their Toshiba Satellite Laptop to only $189.99. This is in response to the discount provided by Walmart. We will see further reduction in price probably by the end of this day as Walmart also released its latest Black Friday Ads.

Several items are also on the discount list for your shopping carts as follows:

1) LG Washing Machine with Electric Dryer is now $999.98

2) AT&T Go Phone is now being sold for just $59.99

3) Blackberry Torch is now $49.99 with 2 years service agreement

4) Apple iMAC 21.5 inches desktop is down to only $1,199.99

5) Nikon DSLR 12.3 MP D90 is down to only $1,029.99

6) Nikon Coolpix 10.3 MP P100 is now only $319.99

We are gathering more and more items on sale so stay tune or you can directly visit BestBuy.com for more of the latest scores for this Black Friday Marathon.