Amazon Black Friday 2011 Deals Leaked Online

Amazon might have a hit on its hands this holiday season, as consumers look into purchasing tablet computers and e-readers seem to prefer the Kindle Fire over other brands. The Kindle Fire is even set to beat the iPad 2 in terms of sales.

Amazon will be releasing the Kindle Fire — along with other Kindle models — this week. But pre-orders are already putting a strain on the supply chain, and the company has had to beef up its capacity. With an estimated 5 million unit sales this 4th quarter of 2011, the Kindle Fire is poised for fast growth, in terms of market share.

In fact, in a poll recently conducted by Retrevo, more consumers are likely to buy a Kindle Fire than an iPad 2. 1,000 survey participants were asked about their purchase preferences. 12% said they planned to buy an Amazon Kindle Fire. 10% said they will be buying an iPad 2. Respondents who already had a tablet computer also displayed the same trend. 27% said they will “upgrade” to a Kindle Fire, while 20% said they will be buying an iPad.

Moreover, when respondents were specifically asked whether they would choose a Kindle Fire over the iPad 2, 44% said yes. Only 12% said they will still stick to the iPad. However, 44% said they still don’t know enough about the Kindle Fire to make a decision.