Apple Black Friday 2011 Deals and Sales Reveal Online

With Black Friday but a few weeks away, more readers are asking us what to expect from Apple on Black Friday 2011. Black Friday is November 25th, the day after Thanksgiving.

We briefly covered Black Friday predictions last month, but now we are taking a deeper dive into Apple Black Friday 2011 plans and predictions.

Having covered Black Friday extensively for the past four years, I am all to familiar with the shopping holiday and with the plans of retailers like Apple.

After a quick read, you’ll know which Apple Black Friday deals are worth waiting for, and which deals you can beat today.

While Apple Stores and the Apple Online Store typically don’t dive into the Black Friday deals as much as the competition, we did see discounts of around $100 on several models last year. These discounts are close to the everyday student and educator discounts, but a welcome addition for the rest of Apple shoppers. In some cases, these Apple Black Friday deals beat out Amazon.

If you can wait until Black Friday to buy a new iPod, you’ll get the best deal of the year. Typically Best Buy and Amazon have gone head to head with the best iPod Touch and iPod Nano deals on Black Friday, but Walmart has also been known to put their hat in the ring.