Apple Black Friday 2011 Deals

Apple is planning Black Friday discounts again this year.The company today put a teaser on its site, saying that it will be holding a “special one-day Apple shopping event” on Friday. Apple plans to offer discounts on iPad, iPod, and Mac lines, the company said in the teaser. It made no mention of iPhone deals.

As MacStories points out, it appears Apple will be offering the deals worldwide. As of this writing, the Black Friday deal teaser is being displayed on Apple’s Australia, Italy, and U.K. online stores.

However, there are a few caveats you should keep in mind. For one, Apple says that the deals will be available on its “Online Store,” seeming to indicate it might not offer the same discounts in its retail outlets. The company is also waiting until Friday to unveil the deals it will offer customers that day.

Apple has been holding special Black Friday events for years. But its offers haven’t always been so exciting. In 2009, for example, it took just $101 off its MacBook Pro models and $31 off its iPod Touch.

But Apple product discounts don’t come along too often. And those who want to save a few bucks might want to head back over to the Apple online store later this week to see what’s offered.