Apple Black Friday Deals 2011 Predictions

With Black Friday 2011 only a few weeks away, major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and Walmart have already started to list down their Black Friday 2011 ads. Unfortunately though, there is no way of knowing if this is the right time to plunge on them or if better things are to come as the holiday shopping season approaches.

When it comes to consumer electronics, one of the hottest gifts aside from HDTVs will no doubt be the iPad. Despite the barrage of Android tablets hitting the market, the Apple iPad 2 still manages to stand its ground and is the best-selling tablet to date. So come Black Friday, will there be any discounts on the iPad or other iOS products like the iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS and the iPod touch?

If the Black Friday 2011 sale has offers similar to last year, we would only expect $50 off an iPad at the most. Last year the discount on an iPad was $41.

Target and Best Buytoo ran deals on Apple products last year whereby the iPad and iPods were bundle with an iTunes gift card. An actual discount? Forget it.

So don’t expect much from Apple or 3rd party retailers come Black Friday 2011 or for that matter Cyber Monday. If you’re contemplating buying an iPad and just can’t wait, you shouldn’t be missing out on a whole lot.