Apple Latest Black Friday 2011 Deals on One-Day Special Event

Apple has entered the Black Friday fever as the company will offer exclusive online deals this Friday so if you want to buy a new iOS or Mac OS X product, then you should wait three more days. If it’s not killing you, then it will make you stronger, but we should tell you right from the start that we don’t know what products will be discounted and how good the deal will be.

Currently, Apple is updating lots of online stores all over the globe so it might take a while until the one in your country will display the announcement about Black Friday. Although it’s the start of the shopping season in the US, the Cupertino-based company seems to be trying to introduce this concept in various countries in order to empty its stock.

The announcement does say that the Apple Black Friday 2011 deals will allow customers to pick great gifts for you loved ones or for yourself. Apparently, great deals will be available for the iPad, Mac, and iPod as well, while the iPhone is not mentioned. Well, if you truly want a new phone, then you should turn your attention to Amazon Wireless which offers lots of devices for only $0.01 with a new two-year agreement at their respective carriers.

For the moment, there are only a few online stores that announced deals on Black Friday 2011 including the UK, Australia, and Italy. Like said, many will follow soon therefore keep on refreshing the page until Friday because you might be very lucky.

The people who live in the United States might be lucky enough to get discounted products in physical Apple Stores across the country. It’s a one-day event so it means that you won’t get anything extra on Thanksgiving Day or across the weekend.

The next time you might be able to snatch an online deal will be on Cyber Monday which falls next Monday. It’s a relatively new one-day “celebration” that concerns retailers who also have an online store. They might not be able to sell all the products during Black Friday so Cyber Monday acts like some kind of a back-up plan.

Well, as soon as Apple will give green light to the deals on Black Friday 2011, we will be right here and we will let you know so stay tuned! Meanwhile, let us know what are you hoping to buy three days from now!