Best Buy and Target Opening of Black Friday 2011 Deals Full of Tension

Black Friday 2011 is merely a couple of days away, and retailers are fighting to gain the most publicity in the hope that it will drive consumers to their stores in droves.

One key area is the attempt to be the retailer that opens their Black Friday 2011 offers earliest. A number of stores, including Target, Toys R US, Best Buy, Kohl and Macy’s are attempting to do just this, by opening on Thursday evening, which happens to be Thanksgiving Day.

Yet this has not impressed the employees of these firms, who want to spend Thanksgiving with their families rather than working in their stores.

Anthony Hardwick, an employee at Target, has collected 37,000 signatures to a petition which is protesting against these actions. He started this petition after learning that staff would be required to come into work at 11 PM on Nov. 24, Thanksgiving, to begin a 10 hour shift.

Black Friday, the Friday following Thanksgiving, appears to be encroaching into Thanksgiving further and further each year as stores look to be the first to break the deals.

This year all major stores are offering an array of Black Friday 2011 deals, as they look to kick start the Christmas shopping season, and boost what has been a flagging few years within the retail sector.

What do you make of stores opening on Thanksgiving to launch their Black Friday offers?

Will you be purchasing any items in the Target Black Friday 2011 sales or has their treatment of staff affected your decision?