Black Friday 2011 Barnes and Noble Nook and Nook Tablet Deals

Noble Nook and Nook Tablets as well as Barnes are becoming popular now specially this Black Friday 2011. Apparently, you will have all your choice of discounted barnes available in some giant stores nationwide.

If Black Friday 2011 is anything like last year, the Barnes and Noble Nook and Nook accessories will be heavily featured (and highly anticipated) on the day after Thanksgiving, which is November 25, 2011. Last year, Barnes and Noble had coupon codes and online discounts on Cyber Monday, which falls on November 28, 2011, but retailers have been quieter about their Cyber Monday discounts this year. There are several Black Friday hints already floating on the Internet in the form of leaked Black Friday store ads for the Barnes and Noble Nook.

The Nook is currently sold online and in stores, but most Black Friday deals are in store prices. Barnes and Noble stores will sell the Nook Touch for $79 in the store, and that is a $20 discount. Nook Color is $199, and the new Nook Tablet is $249, so it looks like Barnes and Noble will have discounts only on the Nook ereader, and probably some Nook cases and covers like they did last year.

Target will have the Nook Color for $199, but they are also throwing in a $30 gift card. Target will have this year’s best Black Friday on the Kindle Keyboard 3G with wifi at $85, and it looks like they have the best Nook Color discount. Target is not the only store offering gift cards, however.

Staples and Radio Shack are also offering gift cards for early bird shoppers on Black Friday. Staples will give shoppers a $20 gift card if they buy a Nook Simple Touch, and a $25 gift card when you buy a Nook Color. Prices on the ereaders will be the same as the standard price. Radio Shack will offer a $20 gift card if you buy a Nook Color.

Is it any surprise is selling the Barnes and Noble Nook Color tablet? eReaders are profitable not for their hardware, but for the ebook sales they generate. However, the Nook Tablet it popular as an Android tablet, and people can root the Nook Color tablet with a mini-sd card and use it to read Nook and Kindle books. Even though Amazon has not said they are having a Black Friday sale on Nooks, watch their prices to see if will match or beat retailers that are discounting the Nook.