Black Friday 2011: Deals Between Amazon vs Walmart

Black Friday is not just a big deal for many stores – it is quite staggeringly huge to say the least. That being said however, for the past couple of years the race for Black Friday sales-supremacy has had two particular front-runners dominating above all others, which are of course Wal-Mart and Amazon.

Of course, both retailers have the size, the savvy and indeed the sense to negotiate some of the cheapest possible prices for popular stock, butshoppers gearing up for Black Friday 2011 are being advised to broaden their options if intent on really finding the very best of what’s out there. Someretailers the likes of Best Buy, Target and Toys ‘R’ Us are bettering Amazon on certain big name lines, while Amazon is being rather cagey about what exactly will and will not be on sale.

That being said, Amazon has always been something of a wild card and has a distinct advantage by not having to organize physical sales and Black Friday ads. Wal-Mart on the other hand have good, old-fashioned buying power in their corner and can push more sales numbers, standing greater losses where necessary.

Generally speaking, those looking to get the very best out Black Friday 2011 are being advised not to simply make a beeline for the usual standards, but instead employ a little forethought and consult the web ahead of time with as much care as possible. There are already scores of offers and deals being offered outside the big-two that their own offerings simply cannot compareto, with the added bonus that pre-orders and free-shipping are being accepted in some cases, which could save the usual barrage of in-store shoulder-barging and less than family-friendly language.