Black Friday 2011 Shopping Tips For Shoppers

We’ve given you a lot of Black Friday 2011 deals here at Black Friday Planet. As the whole US celebrates Black Friday 2011 this coming November 25, 2011, here are some of the tips we have for you to effectively shop the most sought after items this Black Friday 2011.
11 Tips for Black Friday 2011 Shopping

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, take some simple steps ahead of time and stick to a few rules for a fun and bargain-filled shopping adventure.

1. Research ads & deals on this season’s hot items that you might like to buy. Figure out where the item(s) is being discounted the most. The Thanksgiving Day newspaper will be chock full of ads but you can also look online on the sites of particular retailers who may post deals earlier. There are also Black Friday websites containing lists of deals for the day but they tend to be less accurate – when in doubt, check with the actual retailer. It is also important to research the product being advertised – you don’t want to end up buying a poor product even if it is at a discounted price.

2. Make a list of the exact item(s) you want to purchase and stick to it. Don’t get carried away by the promise of discounts on superfluous items. You may end up overspending on things you don’t need or, in the end, even want.

3. Compare prices on the item(s) you intend to buy. Checking out sites like and will help you to determine a good price for the item(s) in question and thus, the quality of the advertised deal. This will help you decide if it is really worth the time and energy of heading out on Black Friday.

4. Make a schedule of store and sale hours. With many retailers opening earlier and closing later than ever before, it would be beneficial to have that info ahead of time. In addition, it is important to know when specific sales begin in each store. For example, some early bird sales may start and end all before 3 AM whereas a special doorbuster sale may not even begin until 7 AM and other sales may last all day and night.

5. Go online to find out about deals and do some social networking. Even before the actual ads hit the Thanksgiving Day newspapers, many retailers will be advertising them on their websites. Also, tons of retailers have Facebook and Twitter pages where they announce deals and post special deals and discounts for friends and followers.

6. Shop online and avoid the crowds. Some stores have the same deals online as they do in the store. This means you can shop peacefully from the comfort of your home while still cashing in on Black Friday discounts.

7. Shop with your credit card on Black Friday. As long as you’re a watchful spender and not prone to racking up credit card bills, it is better to shop with your credit card than with cash on Black Friday. You have a record of what you purchased, your credit card company may offer free benefits such as product warranties and protection, you may be able to accumulate rewards points, and by carrying less cash through busy malls and stores, there is less risk of having it lost or stolen.

8. Clip coupons to save even more money. In addition to the deals and discounts being offered by retailers, there may be special coupons and promo codes in circulars or online that can be clipped, downloaded, printed, or entered and used in stores or online, resulting in an added discount!

9. Read the fine print of all Black Friday circular ads. Sometimes a great deal is just too good to be true, or nearly impossible to obtain. Before venturing out in search of what you think is the ultimate deal on the hottest item, determine if it is legitimate and/or possible. For example, a store may only carry a certain number of the discounted item you are hoping to buy, the discount may be in the form of a rebate, and some deals may have no return policy or warranty.

10. Prepare for crowds, lines, cold weather, and traffic if you plan to hit the malls and stores on Black Friday. You, along with a million other people, are on the same mission so be sure to arrive at your shopping destination early. If you’re hoping to get your hands on one of the hottest doorbusters being advertised, you may have to camp out hours ahead of time so bring a chair, a warm coat, and an umbrella just in case.

11. Bring the Black Friday 2011 ad when attempting to take advantage of a store’s “lowest-price guarantee.” Often, a retailer will honor the price but requires an actual copy of the advertisement that shows the product being sold for less.