Black Friday 2011: Stores Offer Better Black Friday Deals vs Cyber Monday

Companies are squaring up against internet shopping websites to offer the best deals for Black Friday 2011. Popular stores are now offering more deals and longer hours to compete with the ease and accessibility of online shopping.

“Competition is tremendous and what happens is the internet knows no open and close clock,” Ted Potrikus of the New York State Retail Council told Fox News.

Black Friday, which has traditionally been dubbed the biggest shopping day of the year, must now compete with Cyber Monday, the biggest online shopping holiday.

To keep up with the competition, many stores are previewing their Black Friday sales online and in catalogues. Others are luring customers by offering preemptive sales.

WalMart, for example, is currently offering deals on HDTV’s as well as reduced online prices through the end of the month. JC Penny recently released its 72 page Black Friday catalogue, which offers an array of deals, mostly on Home goods.

Electronics megastore Best Buy is offering free shipping with no minimum price limit on online orders from now until Dec. 27. Stores are also changing their hours to make themselves more accessible.

Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, and Target have all announced they will be opening on Midnight of Black Friday to satiate the demands of eager shoppers. Along with Target, this is the earliest Best Buy has opened for Black Friday.

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is the official mark to America’s Christmas shopping season. Many stores offer promotional sales to lure customers and jump start holiday revenue.