Black Friday 2014 is almost here!

After waiting for 365 days, it’s shopping time once again. Black Friday 2014 madness is soon to hit the hottest heat. With stores such as Walmart, Best Buy, Game Stop and a whole lot more are preparing their best deals this upcoming November. Stay tuned for more updates from Black Friday planet. We’ll be covering more stores, not just the few names we mentioned.

Did you know that more and more people in the US are now preferring Cyber Monday shopping compared to Black Friday? Yep, they want to avoid the Friday rush in stores. But there are still shoppers out there who wants the traditional way of shopping, pay for it, then get it instantly.

That’s why even if more teens and adults prepare the convenience of online shopping during Cyber Monday, we still have a lot of old folks falling in line before the store opens in Black Friday! Flyers, Ads, and other stuff will be posted here in, so stay tuned for more updates!