Black Friday Sale: Today’s Amazon Black Friday Ads and List of Prices

With thanksgiving fast approaching, all of the stores are trying all they could to bring down all the prices of their products in time for the 2010 Black Friday. They are releasing Black Friday Ads on a daily basis in an effort to increase their Black Friday Sales. With only two more days before the 2010 Black Friday, shoppers are already searching hard to finally have a list of retailers that would be bringing big discounts on all Black Friday merchandise. This will be the biggest shopping extravagant that all of us are waiting for.

We will be providing you with all the listings of Black Friday Ads being offered by companies such as Walmart, ToysrUs, Apple and more. Just stick here at Black Friday Deals 2010.

Let us first focus on our Amazon partner, they will be bringing down most of their electronic products this week. They are now currently on a 3-day Black Friday Sale that is very effective indeed in capturing shoppers. Amazon is using its skill to reduce benchmark in sale for the 2010 Black Friday.

One of their biggest price discount is with regards to Kindle (version 2) wherein the online market place giant is only selling this eReader for a very low price of just $ 89.00 compared to BestBuy’s Black Friday Price of $99.00. Amazon is providing the lowest prices in their products in the course of this Black Friday marathon.

Here are additional deals to ponder about:

Samsung Plasma HD TV 58 inches – $1,199.99

Garmin Nuvi 4.3 inches GPS – $89.99

Canon Digital Ixus with 4 GB memory – $109.99

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