Dark Horses Comic Announces Black Friday 2011 Biggest Deals

You can go ahead and call this “Dark Friday,” “Dark Horse Friday,” or just “Dark Side Friday,” because Dark Horse Comics is offering an incredible sale for Black Friday that has a collected digital purchase of all of the available Star Wars comics for a mere $100.

Yes, I agree with you, it is a great deal. But it will only last 24 hours on Black Friday, November 25, 2011. This sale offers 134 Star Wars comics for the great deal of $100. That’s less than a dollar an issue with a total savings of over $166 dollars off the retail prices.

Black Friday is traditionally a gift buying day that makes businesses profitable through insane deals, and usually involves cranky people waiting outside of retail stores in the rain, snow or at least the cold, and fighting over sales that last for about four hours and sell out in two. So, to be able to stay in your warm bed and make this awesome purchase from the comfort of your iPad, iPhone, or web browser at any time on Black Friday is far more preferable than the sickness you’ll get from bearing the cold or the stomach problems that will result from drinking too much coffee, hot chocolate, energy drinks, or Four Loko. I’ve been there, you don’t have a good weekend after these experiences. I honestly can’t see how you’re even thinking of passing this up.

Now, will you be able to gift these comics? Beats me. But here’s an option, buy someone an iPad and this Dark Horse digital Star Wars deal and you’re done buying stuff for one person. Boom. Shopping done!