Free Mobile Shopping App From Amazon For Windows 7 Phone

One of the world’s leading online shopping merchant has revealed their free mobile shopping app for the newest mobile operating system Windows 7. It would let its increasing number of clients who happens to own a Windows 7 powered smartphone shop with convenience. It leverages the new panoramic-style layout of the Windows user interface which allows the buyers to browse the entire website of amazon without leaving the application. It would include a quick left and right swipe to view details of a product, read customer reviews, browse related items and make a purchase. In this manner you will have a better view comparison of the products you want to buy and won’t just guess it as if playing video slots.

With this app, the customer will have full access to the products and services of Amazon like Gold Box Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals, Wish Lists, 1-Click ordering, Amazon Prime membership, order tracking and a whole lot more.

The company also has similar apps for other mobile platforms like the Price Check for iPhone, Amazon Windowshop for iPad, and the Amazon App for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 and Android devices.

Having all these things around would make your technology world more interesting. Unlike before wherein the only thing you enjoy in your laptop or smartphone are those games, best mac casinos online and other similar stress releasers. Now you can include shopping in your list.