Getting Nintendo DSi Console At Amazon Saves Your Trip

If you have plans to fall in line outside Target just to get that Nintendo DSi Console for $120 then don’t waste your time in doing so as you can get it at the same price at Amazon plus free shipping. This could save you up energy and time.

The deal on Amazon only applies on the black ones while Target is giving the discount on the white. Having a price lower than its regular price of $150 is very rare. Some stores are giving gift certificates along with or a free game but the price retains. Example would be the deal in Kmart wherein the price is still $150 plus a $25 gaming coupon. Another deal from BestBuy is the $150 price plus a Mario Party Game.

Knowing these things allows you to plan your trips wisely and you can shop with great deals. You can just order the console and have it shipped and get the free game at the store offering it individually.