HDTV Black Friday Deals 2011 Predictions

Hi-definition televisions are very popular Black Friday items and this holiday season, expect HDTVs to be another hot item as prices for this continue to drop. 3D TVs are also going to be in demand for Black Friday as new models come out.

But remember that most HDTV and 3D TV Black Friday deals will be for older and standard models which have less added functionality and features. Nevertheless, they all can still deliver the quality that HDTV and 3D TVs are known for, just without the “bells and whistles”.

This 2011 Black Friday, expect to get 42? LCD HDTVs going for the $249 to $299 price range. Some brands are selling this already at a discount price of $349, this price range is a big possibility for Black Friday.

If you’re looking to buy the higher top of the line quality models, then wait until mid-December to buy and not during Black Friday and also, there’s the pre-Super Bowl TV deals which have always been a good time to buy a new television.