How to Look for Black Friday 2010 Best Deals?

I am sure that everyone are already tangled with searching for the best deals for Thanksgiving 2010, Black Friday 2010 and Cyber Monday 2010. There are great laptop deals, gaming, home improvement, clothing, toys and many more. All of the major stores and retailers are also having their sales from Walmart to K-Mart to Sears, Target, Best Buy, Amazon and more.

During these super sale season the only question is, how can we be sure that we are getting the best deals? Some stores would just place a tag saying that they are cutting the price where in fact they just use the same price and only place a higher former price tag on it. Another thing that is usually done is adding a free item to the price but when you compute the price of the two items separately, they will add up to that same price. In essence, there is nothing free in that since you actually paid for both items.

There are real deals and there are rip-off deals. So how do we spot them? There are also low priced items which are in fact not a good quality compared to other items of the same brand. So, how do we spot what is a real good and quality deal?

Here is a Black Friday 2010 video which talks about all of these and how to get the most out of the biggest sale ever this year. It is not only about knowing the best deal but also about making sure they are really good deals.