HP Black Friday Deal 2011 for Touchpad

Black Friday is just around the corner and many HP Touchpad users will definitely be looking for Black Friday deals on accessories and apps for their device. And they will not be disappointed because there will be a lot of discounts and sales on the way.

In fact, there is a Facebook account named “Touchpad Black Friday Deal 2011” which has been giving a preview of upcoming deals on Touchpad keyboards, cases and even the other higher models and not just the $99 HP Touchpad.

Some of them are the HP Touchpad case for $22.19 and the sleek charging dock for $49.99 – all with free shipping.

So with Hewlett-Packard shipping out around 2,000 more units of the best selling $99 HP Touchpad for Black Friday, then these deals on accessories will surely run out fast, so get yours as soon as possible.