Kohls Black Friday 2010 Ads Leaked

One of the participating stores for next week’s Black Friday 2010 is Kohls. We have recently come across the released 64-page discount catalog by Kohl’s as part of their Black Friday Ad Deals. This is a very specific and detailed catalog offering a lot of items from basic neccessities such as clothings and apparels up to trendy gadgets, home appliances, and more.

Kohl’s stores open at 3:00am which is very early. Nocturnal people may have an advatage to grab these early deals from Kohl’s since many people will grabe the cheapest items so expect it to run out fast. According to Kohl’s, they want to start the day right and give their customers an early shopping experience as well as to avoid the rush during midday and late afternoon. This is also the main reason why they extended their Black Friday 2010 deals into two days.

Here is the thing to watch out however, Kohl will give more than 400 special discounts and items to their early shoppers, so the earlier the better. Kohl’s Black Friday Ad Deals is also available online since there are items in the catalog that can only be purchased online. Can’t wait to see what this best Black Friday deals are then you can download Kohl Black Friday 2010 Catalog HERE. Tune to us here for more Black Friday deals.