Kohl’s Black Friday Ad With Rebecca Black Released

Earlier this year, teenager Rebecca Black became an unlikely viral sensation when her vanity music video “Friday” went big. The world was strangely captivated by the moronically simple lyrics — “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday/Today is Friday, Friday/We we we so excited” — and earnest, wholesome teen convertible rides.

Now, Kohl’s is trying to capitalize on that popularity with a Black Friday ad that plays off the viral hit. In the ad (watch it below), an eager young woman giddily shops at the department store while singing, “It’s Black Friday, Black Friday, something that rhymes with Friday.” The video ends with the Black Friday shopper singing, “Can’t get this darn song out of my head.”

The reaction: “Is this the most annoying Black Friday ad ever?” asks Daisy Dumas at Britain’s Daily Mail. It could well be, but “love it or hate it, the saccharine commercial has succeeded in catching attention.” And really, “it was inevitable that a retailer would use the most infamous song about Friday ever recorded to promote their biggest Friday of the year,” says Asa Hawks at Starcasm. I’ll admit it’s “cute,” says Andrew Unterberger at Pop Dust. But Rebecca Black went viral in the spring. This is a little late, no?