Sears and Kmart Early Black Friday 2011 Holiday Shopping Deals

Take advantage of the best secret weapon making the Black Friday 2011 holiday shopping rounds this month and do it now because it’s free. The Shop Your Way Rewards Program at Sears and Kmart gives you the most bang for your holiday shopping buck, so “the more you gift” you will find “the more you get” according to Sears.

Signing up for the free discount card program is easy and can be done at any Sears or Kmart store or even online. The beauty is that once you sign up you don’t have to wait to take advantage of the program. It begins that day.

Check out the perks of being a member

  • For every $1 spent you earn 10 points
  • For every 1,000 points you have you get $1 off your next purchase
  • Your earned points can be redeemed at Sears or Kmart, regardless of which store got your purchase money
  • This month through January you get up to 5 percent more points for every dollar spent

With Sears’ Family & Friends nights specials right around the corner, that could add up to a lot of extra cash right back in your pocket, especially if you are purchasing the Sony 55-inch HDTV they will have on sale for around $1,500.

And if all that isn’t enough of an incentive to avoid Black Friday lines and chaos by shopping the Sears and Kmart sales going on this month and next the next bullet in their weapon will be.