Staples Black Friday Ads Join The Gang

With all the Black Friday Deals around, Staples won’t just sit back and watch the rival stores releasing their ads in advance. Now we bring the great deals that Staples prepared for everyone. Just like its rival stores, most of the deals comprise of electronics. This year’s deal include gadgets by Sony, Garmin, Toshiba, HP, Kodak, Dell, Canon, Asics, Apple, and more. It also includes office supplies, folders, printer paper, technology, office furniture, GPS systems, Blu-ray players, computers, printers, scanners, blank CDs and DVDs, and other classroom equipment.

Their Early Bird Specials which is from 6am until noon come along with several great deals on popular gadgets like camera, LCD monitors, portable hard drives wherein prices are all below $99. They also have their 2 Full Days of Deals wherein the sale will reach the whole day of Saturday. Best deals could also be availed in their weekly specials section. That’s not all, if you happen to purchase on their cameras, you will have a free Canon Photo Printer which has a price of % 99.98. A $50 discount would be given plus a $50 bundle mail-in rebate which makes it free.

Have you decided on which store will you shop this Black Friday weekend? If not yet, then include Staples in your choices.