Walmart Black Friday 2011 and Amazon Attempting for Deals

Walmart have attempt to take control of Black Friday 2011, offering some truly fantastic deals. But it appears Amazon is not going to cave in meekly, instead they have attempt to wrestle back control, by undercutting a number of Walmart’s Black Friday Deals.

This years Black Friday really is thrilling to watch for those with an interest in retail. The major retailers are playing a real life game of cat and mouse, as they attempt to bring in the consumers by offering the best Black Friday 2011 deals. This year the retailers really have taken it to another level. Walmart leaked their Black Friday offers a number of weeks early in order to get press coverage for their offers, and it certainly worked. Given the current economic downturn, retailers are looking to offer a number of loss leaders, as they attempt to bring consumers through the door in the hope that they will purchase other goods which offer them higher margins.

Yet for us consumers, well we are in for a fantastic couple of weeks ahead. All I can say is I hope you have been saving.