Walmart Black Friday 2011 Deals and Sales on Emerson TV

The Walmart Black Friday ad is out and shoppers around the country looking for a new TV are ready to cut Thanksgiving dinner short to take advantage of the retail giant’s deals. But are any of the Black Friday deals worth skipping desert for?

One of the first Walmart Black Friday deals is an Emerson 32-inch LCD-TV. The regular price is about $349 on various sites. However, on Amazon, the reviews are mixed, but mainly positive. With an average of 3.5 stars out of 10 reviews, five customers gave it 5 stars, two customers gave it 4 stars, two gave it 2 stars, and one person decided the TV was worth no more than 1 star.

The 5-star reviews concentrated mainly on the value of the price, which several of the reviews purchased during Walmart’s Black Friday sale last year for $198. So, it appears Walmart had so much success with the TV last year, the retailer decided to have it again this year.

“I bought this Emerson 32″ HDTV on Black Friday for $198.00 and couldn’t be happier,” wrote one customer. “Much to my surprise, set up was a breeze, had my set humming in 5 minutes flat. I am using the HDTV without a set top box, the HD channels come in crystal clear, the non-HD channels are not as clear up close but look great once you are a few feet away from the screen. I do wish I could program my remote to operate my DVD player but for the price I can live without it.”

However, another customer who had also bought the same TV at the same Black Friday event for the same price, was much more critical of the low-cost TV.