Walmart Black Friday 2012 Ads, Deals, and Sales

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Ads, Deals, Sales

The much awaited time of the year of the shoppers in the United States has come and millions of people are now getting ready with their shopping lists and of course, cash. The Black Friday is the most anticipated shopping event in the US wherein several shopping stores drop the prices of their products on crazy low figures.

One of the shopping stores which will participate in the Black Friday sale is Walmart. People are very much excited for the Walmart Black Friday Ads, Deals, and Sales since this store is considered to be the largest chain of shopping stores in the country. Few weeks before the Black Friday itself, which is on November 23, the Walmart Black Friday Ads started to leak on the Internet making the shoppers more excited.

This year, Walmart has 3 events for the Black Friday season. The first event will happen on November 22 at 8PM which is called Family Specials. The second one is for the gadget die-hards which will happen on the same day at 10PM. The third one is what everybody’s waiting for which will kick off at 5AM of November 23. Walmart will be having several deals on appliances, clothing, jewelries, home¬†furniture, and so much more.

The Walmart Black Friday 2012 Deals include several TV units like Emerson 40″ 1080P 60Hz HDTV which will be sold for only $198.00 from its original price of $399.00; Emerson 32″ 720P 60Hz HDTV for $148.00 from the original price of $268.00; Emerson 50″ 1080P 60Hz LCD HDTV for only P298.00.

Other TV units on Walmart’s Black Friday Sale include Toshiba Orion 24″ 720p 60Hz HDTV for $78.00 from its original price of $169.98; Vizio 60″ LED Smart TV with Wi-Fi for $688.00 from $998.00 (this unit will only be sold in-store).

Walmart Black Friday 2012 Sales also include laptops of several brands. Some of the units include Compaq 15.6″ Presario Laptop w/AMD C-80 Processor, 2GB RAM, 320GB HD priced at $179.00 from $299.00; HP Pavlion 15.6″ Laptop w/AMD Dual-Core A4-4300M, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD (Purple) which will be sold for $418.00; HP 15.6″ Laptop w/AMD E-300 1.30GHz, 2GB RAM, 320GB HD, Windows 8 priced at $299.00

Aside from the few mentioned products above, Walmart will be having so much more items on sale for the Black Friday 2012 so you better get ready for a good shopping list and make good use of the cash you saved in the past few months for this once a year big shopping event.