Walmart Reveals First Set of Black Friday 2011 Deals

Walmart made its first official move in anticipation of Black Friday 2011, by releasing details of upcoming deals including laptops, TVs, gamesconsoles and more.

As expected, the retail giant is set to kick things off Thanksgiving night at midnight, though a number of deals will be up for grabs as early as 10pm. Needless to say, with limited quantities of everything available, buyers are being advised/warned to carry out careful online research prior to venturing out, as being in the right place at the right time has really never been more vital.

Among the very best deals, Walmart is to offer an HP dual-core 15.6 inch laptop for just $248, along with a dual-core desktop PC from HP for just $298. Other laptop deals include a Compaq Presario dual-core machine for $198, along with a 17 inch Acer Aspire AS7750 for $498.

Aside from simply knowing where to be and when, abundant advice is once again being offered with regard to making the Black Friday experience once to remember for all the right reasons and avoid a retail hangover of epic proportions. Indeed, making sure you are not too tired, hungry or a little on the tipsy side is essential in order to exercise realistic restraint, as regardless of the bargains on offer, the primary intention of each store is of course to bleed as many wallets dry as possible.

Of course, for those unable or simply unwilling to brave the crowds, there is always the option of online shopping, where certain retailers offering free shipping may hold far more appeal than their bricks and mortar counterparts.