Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sales Launched 4 Blu-ray for Black Friday 2011

The legendary Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale has launched online with incredible deals like this one: Get 4 Blu-ray movies for $20. Choose from over 120 titles.

The Walmart Thanksgiving Day online sale has launched bring new Black Friday deals advertised in the Walmart Black Friday Ad.

Walmart offers today a great Blu-ray movie deal. Your choice of 4 Blu-ray movies for $20. This means each Blu-ray movie just costs you $5. This is the same lowest Blu-ray movie price that Walmart will offer on Black Friday. The only difference is you need to select 4 and cannot get them individually. But at $5 per title, who is just getting one. There are over 120 Blu-ray titles you can choose from. Get this deal now before it is gone.

Shop all deals in the Walmart Thanksgiving Day Sale on Walmart has already yesterday started to offer the first 10 Walmart Black Friday Ad deals. The Walmart Thanksgiving Day sale brings even more Black Friday deals.

Black Friday 2011 is here! Black Friday 2011 and Thanksgiving Day Online Sales have started. Find the latest Black Friday 2011 sales here.  The Walmart Black Friday 2011 Sale also already is live with the first deals available advertised in the Walmart Black Friday 2011 Ad. Make sure you follow us on Twitter to no miss any Black Friday 2011 Deals. The Amazon Black Friday Deals Week offers massive amounts of Black Friday deals and Amazon is often matching Black Friday deals advertised by other Black Friday retailer.